­$25 Adverting Credit 


Hello we’re giving away $25 Advertising Credit all you will need to do is follow the steps below:


Step 1: 

Create An Account on “R1D Music Community”

Be sure to upload profile picture and profile cover picture

CLICK HERE to create an account




Step 2:

Follow R1D Music on “R1D Music Community”

CLICK HERE to follow “R1D Music”





Step 3:

Follow Top Featured Artist on “R1D Music Community”

CLICK HERE to follow “Manu Francois”




Step 4:

Screenshot that you have followed the steps above on”R1D Music Community”

Once you’ve took your screenshot E-mail it to [email protected] be sure to include your profile link in the email For Example: username so that your account can be credited $25



STEP 5:  

Check your Wallet to see your $25 has been credited on”R1D Music Community”

CLICK HERE to check your “Wallet”

Once you’re $25 has been credited click on advertising to create your first Ad