FTH Artists Showcase Hub

FTH Artists Showcase Hub presents “FULL CIRCLE” – Open Mic
Hosted by ARRAMAYNE Beats by AVerma

Up and coming Artist should show up to showcase there talents at this open mic event. You will entertain local audiences as well as fellow artists but will leave with a network of lifetime followers/fans.

From the song writer+ singer+rapper+ beats producer+ performer +instrumentalist and many more who contribute to this FULL CIRCLE of talented artistist come and be a part of this increasing network of Building Up Nawfside Artists campaign.

Artists can sign up now via
$10 for up to 2 songs, $5 each additional song

During these events collaboration among artists is encouraged in order to inspire and promote creativity within the independent artist community. Come out and support those of the same or different genres. Additional opportunities are available for those who wish promote and host events or to self-promote/ collaborate/ merchandise their own products, talents and services.
Feel free to DM us should you need more details or you can reach the Hub @ 470-242-5192

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