Meek Mill

Meek Mill

Robert Rihmeek Williams (Rapper and Songwriter) from Philadelphia, popularly known as Meek Mill was born May 6, 1987. His debut album, Dreams and Nightmares was released in 2012 after signing under Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group (MMG).

Meek being from poor and humble background has continually felt the need to give back to the society and distinguish his philanthropist values since he rose to stardom. Ever since 2013, he organized the ‘’Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway’’ an initiative which feeds over 600 families for Thanksgiving. Despite his sentence for violating probation recently, he maintained his usual practice of annual Thanksgiving donation from prison.

Few among the many societal causes he has supported range from health, environment, education, Children and disadvantaged youths.

Meek made donations to the 2014 Southwest Philadelphia fire outbreak victims. Days after the fire incident, he was quoted in an interview saying “Only time I’m really on the news or on the radio it’s something about probation, I feel like I’m in a position where I could be able to help these people so easily, get donations and get things they need to help them with their losses right now, so you know I’m gonna do it.”

He supported the Flint community in Michigan during the water crisis where over 100,000 residents were potentially exposed to high levels of lead in the drinking water. He donated 60,000 bottles of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, according to TMZ alongside a donation of $50,000 to a local Flint charity.

Meek has done charity work with several charity organizations including Town watch, Unity in the Community and Youth Working Together.

He has also made several contributions to education including announcing in October, 2017 his partnership with Ethika; an underwear brand in an undisclosed school project which according to him, he intends to ‘’help push the youth to a new level’’.

For a young star who has impacted so much on this generation, several have described his over ten (10) years of running with the judicial system as victimization and extreme. Especially in light of recent accusations leveled against his trial judge, Judge Genece Brinkley who is currently under investigation from the FBI as to her role in Mill’s prosecution. We are left to wonder the ‘’utilitarian value’’ of his various convictions and probations, as punishment should be justified when it is most conducive to the welfare of the society. In essence, the main consideration is that, ‘’Does the desirability of the punishment outweigh its undesirability?’’

A judge should understand the role enshrined in him/her as an impartial umpire who should never descend into the arena but see that justice is done in each case. Judge Brinkley has presided over Meek’s case ever since 2008 and his New York based attorney, Joe Tacopina has raised several allegations of extrajudicial conducts which are pointers to her personal interest in the case. Some of the several alleged possible bias is her relationship with Charlie Mack (Mill’s old manager) with intent of getting Meek to sign a new management deal, also requesting him to shout her out in a song and back in 2016, she even personally visited a community service site Meek was serving homeless people.

Meek Mill is a symbol of hope that highlights the injustices in the American judicial system, with over 4.5 million people on probation or parole in America.