HH Spady

HH Spady

North Philadelphia rapper founder of music group No Breaks His drive and hunger was proven by the age of seventeen when he quit his job as a cashier at Kmart. With his father and brother by his side, they hoped in a 95 Ford Taurus and took at road trip to Florida stopping in every state on the way pushing his CD “The Take Ova Vol. 1.” With a trunk full of CD’s , a CD burner, and fifty dollars on a debit card for gas and food, the spent two months living in a car and using public facilities to bathe. While in Florida, Spady began to realize he was a true hustler and artist who had to take his success in his own hands in order to push and break through everlasting boundaries. This was the breaking point in Spady’s life where he realized he was either going to “go hard or go home.”

This proved stopping doesn’t exist and that his drive is witnessed everyday by those who admire his work and him as an individual. Supported by a team that empowers and encourages him as an artist 24/7, he is forced to go hard whenever,