Ace Geez

Ace Geez

With an extraordinary gift for words and connection to hip-hop music established early on in life, rapper Ace Geez took his talent straight to the roots of what makes the genre great – rhythm and poetry. Born & raised in North Philadelphia – he immediately established an impact with listeners through relatable tales of reallife experiences around poverty, crime & drugs and the insightful perspective it’s given him.

Combined with an untamed & bold signature-style that represents the changes and evolution he’s been through pursuing his art – Ace Geez raps about what’s important to us all and connects genuinely with complex lyrics & dynamic beats that move the body and challenge the mind. Ready to dominate playlists and take over the music game – Ace Geez is currently working on the most creative & next-level music he’s made to-date. Inspired by the environment & atmosphere of the daily-grind and always looking to push himself & his music in powerful new directions.

Ace Geez continues to impress fans & critics alike with his thought-provoking, on-point lyrical-skills and massive beats that have huge hooks built to last. The support for his rhymes continues to grow; Ace Geez is taking that incredible inspiration straight into his music and in turn, inspiring the next generation of hip-hop/rap to follow.